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Hydrogen economy investment fund

We extract clean, emission-free electricity, from the energy of the sun and wind, which we transfer to the place where the hydrogen is produced by electrolysis, as close as possible to its consumption. The energy in green hydrogen produced this way serves as a source of energy, and fuel for other applications of the hydrogen economy such as logistics, transport, and households.

Our story


Bringing the hydrogen economy to life. We are creating a vertically integrated value chain based on green hydrogen.

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Bringing the hydrogen economy to life. We are creating a vertically integrated value chain based on green hydrogen.

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Solutions & Sustainability

We are building renewable energy sources as profitable and independent projects and leveraging the synergies of vertical integration into the hydrogen economy through the production and use of green hydrogen.

3 phases

  • Building renewable energy sources, especially in the CEE region.
  • Building hydrogen production and hydrogen infrastructure.
  • Building downstream hydrogen applications.
Invest with us

Sun and wind

  • 2022 - 2027 construction of up to 600 MW of renewable energy sources, especially solar and wind.
  • Investment up to EUR 540 million, equity up to EUR 110 million.

Energy and water

  • 2023 - 2030 Hydrogen production at the point of consumption, up to 6000 t/year. 
  • Investment up to EUR 60 million. 
  • Electrolysis using renewable energy and water to produce green hydrogen


  • Since hydrogen is produced at the point of consumption, there are no emissions due to transport.
  • Producing hydrogen in this way significantly reduces dependence on fossil fuels while decentralising energy sources.

Energy source

  • 2023 - 2030 application through partnership/portfolio investment. 
  • Handling technology, logistics, mobility, backup power solutions, investment up to 30 million EUR.


Our goal is the production and application of green hydrogen in logistics, transport, and energy.

Founders of the Fund

Ladislav Ornst
Roman Horák
Petr Matuška
We are on the threshold of an energy transformation where hydrogen plays a key role with the increasing share of renewables. Hydrogen projects are emerging and HYDROGEN2 is at the forefront of this change, equipped with the experience of its founders and the capital of its investors. Our projects are distinguished by their profitability and positive impact on the future of our planet.
Ing. Ladislav Ornst, MBA


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Ing. Ladislav Ornst, MBA
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